Outbound Call Center
Scalable Browser Based Call Center Solution.

Our outbound call center suite supports features that improve both customer experience and agent performance in your call center. This includes power dialers, ready-made integrations with all major CRM/ticketing solution, easy access to call recordings and more than 50 reports giving detailed picture of your call center health. Since we offer both inbound and outbound connections, you can also run a blended call center with ease.

Features For Outbound Calling Teams

Dialing flexibility

We have multiple power dialers to choose from—predictive dialers, preview dialers or progressive dialers. You can easily select whether to dial customer first or agent first.

IVR Outbound

Outbound IVR lets you send personalized automated messages to large databases. You can use this for announcements, greetings, reminders and feedback surveys.

API Availability

Our call center solution easily integrates with all third-party applications. This means easy CRM/ ticketing /email/text messaging integration.

Remote Dialing

Agents can make/receive phone calls remotely, while supervisors can access performance, call recordings, agent status, queue status and more from anywhere in real time.

Data Priority

Prioritize data dialing like LIFO, FIFO, Data priority (dial current data first or a specific number first ) or Campaign priority. Set time range to dial, or set expiry date/time.

Short Message Service (SMS)

Integrate SMS into your conversation to leverage messages that contain customer-specific information at the right time.

Real Time Views

Supervisors can access real-time view of data being dialed out and agents who are part of that campaign for all the outbound calls being made via dashboards.

Multiple Dashboards

Valuable reporting with real time dashboards allowing you to make informed business decisions – all the while making your Contact Center more efficient.

Language Base Routing

Progressive dialer can initiate call based on language preference with agent mapped for the preferred language.

Power Dialers

Increase 100% efficiency for outbound teams with our dialers. Customized as per use case for dialing strategy or create integrations with our Dialer APIs and seamlessly service your Sales, Service, and Marketing needs for your business.

Preview Dialer

This dialer is used to handle critical business calls. Calls are handled carefully, after a complete review of customer information. The revenue generated per call, in this case, is high

Progressive Dialer

Balances agent productivity with conversation quality. In this mode, dialer calls one phone number after another sequentially, ensuring agents’ availability before the call is answered.

Predictive Dialer

The fastest dialing mode. In this mode, an algorithm estimates agent availability and minimizes time between calls in order to maximize agent utilization. Ideal for 1000+ calls per day.

IVR Dialer

IVR dialer makes simultaneous calls and connects to an IVR. You can tailor your campaign depending upon the use case, such as relay personalized recording or collect DTMF input.

Real-Time Dashboards & Reports

Real time data analytics and dashboard with valuable reports that help you make informed business decisions – all the while making your Contact Center more efficient. We have more then 50+ type of reports which cover each and every aspect of contact center operation.

Visual Dashboard

Gives a complete picture of Call Center performance such as the number of calls handled, total duration of calls, etc

Live Analytics

Checks real-time Call Center performance such as active calls, number of busy agents, number of calls in queue, etc.

Agent Efficiency

Reports agent performance in terms of percentage and average of calls answered, average talk time & pickup time.

System Dashboard

Presents the overall call status for selected period and SLA conformance of agent pickup time.

Call Load Analysis

Shows an quick overview of call volumes and how resource load matches with call load.

Omni Channel Communications

CloudAgent allows customers to seamlessly communicate with you via multiple touch points be it over call, web, email, chat, SMS and social media. Agent delivers consistent response to clients via call. A single agent can assist multiple customer simultaneously from the same dashboard.

SMS Alerts

Integrate SMS into your conversation to leverage sms that contain customer-specific information

Chat Routing

Give agents and customers the ability to interact over the web through CloudAgent Chat


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