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Deploy Mobile Messaging Based Solutions For Your Brand

Mobile messaging has been the most preferred channel for marketing and advertiser due its massive reach, for instance more then 10 billion messages are sent daily. Moreover that number is increasing as telecom providers keep on adding more subscribers everyday. As a result mobile marketing has become the most popular channel for companies.

Better Visibility

90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

Better Reach

91% of adults have mobile within arms reach 24/7.

Fast Delivery

95% of SMS are delivered within 5 seconds to handsets.

Popular Medium

98% of SMS average open rate versus 22% for emails.

Why Choose GlobalSMS Platform?

Quick Delivery

Experience lower latency for your messaging campaigns, deliver messages under 30 seconds.

Advanced Routing

An intelligent routing algorithm handling incoming and outgoing SMS traffic.

One Connection

One connection enables you to reach over 4 billion subscribers from our platform.

24/7 Support

Round the clock responsive supports team control & monitor traffic with real-time dashboards.


Integrate our Business APIs and harness the power of most preferred medium to communicate from your applications, launch trigger based SMS alerting for your products and services. We support both Get & Post method.

Rest API's

Our simple and powerful Get & Post SMS API's allow you to trigger messages from your applications.

Concatenated SMS

Supports longsms delivery to handsets and allows clients to send longer alerts from applications.

Unicode Support

Delight users in their own language with unicode support and send SMS in more than 50 languages.

Quick Delivery

Lower latency for your messages, deliver messages under 30 seconds for account related transactions.

Global SMS Delivery

A cloud hosted messaging platform enabling service providers and enterprises to provide SMS based solutions to their customers. The robust design of the platform enables processing of high volume messages with ease and lower latency.

Campaign ROI

Track campaign with short urls in in your message and see clicks from interested subscribers.

Quick Delivery

We provide lower latency for your messages coupled with higher delivery ratio's.

Traffic Monitoring

Round the clock real time monitoring of traffic from our support engineers.

Simple Pricing

Quickly setup your account with pay as you go or volume based special plans.

SMS Alerts

A plug and play service that allows enterprises to utilize their own customer database to send trigger-based personalized SMS that are relevant and timely. A robust on premise solution for enterprises looking for secure messaging platform. See features.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate with any database (Oracle, SQL, MySQL, etc.) for generating trigger based alerts

Cost Effective

Highly competitive commercials models for enterprises to choose from

Rule Based Engine

Rule based engine allows users to create SMS templates based on event trigger and SMS scheduling.

Simple Interface

A simple and easy interface for users to send and schedule campaigns

Dynamic Data Source

Multiple options like Flat files (CSV, Excel, etc.), SFTP/FTP, Custom adapter or 3rd party data source

Multiple Departments

Create multiple departments and users as per business requirement

Campaign Management

Create campaigns for groups with multiple language support and push local or international SMS

Schedule Campaigns

Launch automated campaign with flexible scheduling engine.

2-Way Service

A platform that incorporates both outbound (MT) and inbound (MO) SMS into one fully-featured service. Allow your customers to respond to your message campaigns with help of short-codes/long-codes with static or dynamic response for every incoming SMS.

Opt-in / Opt-out

Allows users to opt-in or opt-out of your campaigns for better end user DND preference for products.

Virtual Numbers

Improve customer engagement by using local SMS numbers from 50+ countries for inbound SMS.

Instant Activation

Instant activation of services from our coverage list and service is enterprise ready with security.

Polls & Survey

Run polls and survey over SMS for your products & services bundled with outbound marketing.


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