Inbound Call Center
Scalable Browser Based Call Center Solution.

We enable enterprises to setup a fully featured inbound call center solution without any up-front cost and zero maintenance. Key features which enables client to have full insight into their call center process is with help of more than 50 reports, allowing departments to streamline and measure key parameters critical to their business.

Features To Handle Incoming Calls

IVR Flexibility

Every customer interaction is routed via an automated interactive voice response module, where they can choose the service they are looking for, while being assisted through various pre-recorded prompts.

Queue Monitoring

Manage callers in queue & quickly connect to agents with right skills. Compatible with IVR, chat, email, social media. ACD multi-channel routing lets your customers choose how they want to interact with you.

Priority Routing

Allows to identify the most idle agent among free agents and consider agent priorities (if programmed). Both queues could be handled by the same advisors, but calls from VIP queue will always be answered first.

Time-Based Routing

Time-based routing allows admins to optimizes agent flexibility. Agents can define when they're available to attend the call during the day and time for the calls to be routed to specific agent

CRM Integration

Easy to use Open APIs with your call center by using our off the shelf CRM & ticketing integrations . Pull in customer data from popular CRMs & ticketing applications.

Chat Routing

Chat routing gives agent & customer the ability to interact over the web. Enable self-service, data-directed routing, skills-based routing, greetings, attention retainers, recording and reporting.

Automatic Call Distribution

ACD categorize calls & messages and automatically checks the system for available agent with the most relevant skills & experience to help the customers and connect them quickly.

Call Recording

Call recordings allow businesses to constantly monitor & improve call center performance, performance of individual agents,quality of response and feedback and for training purposes.

Short Message Service (SMS)

Integrate SMS into your conversation to leverage messages that contain customer-specific information at the right time with advanced list and campaign management.

Skill-Based Routing For Agents

Our Agents Have Specific Strengths And Weaknesses. Skills-Based Call Routing, Is A Call-Assignment Strategy Used In Call Center's To Assign Incoming Calls To The Most Suitable Agent And Ensures That Each Call Is Answered Appropriately.

Call / Music on Hold

If there is no available agent, time & event based information on queue position, estimated wait time to waiting customers.

Fall back rules

Fall back rules – Give an option of voice mail, or call back within a stipulated time (this can enabled in the dialer).

Average Handling Time

Define your AHT because it is an important SLA for your contact center and an important criteria for most customers.

Barge-In & Call Monitoring

Call Barging Is A Feature That Allows Supervisor To Listen To Live Calls Without The Caller Or Call Center Agent Knowing And Then Barge Into The Call To Speak With Both The Agent And The Client. Call Monitoring And Call Barging Can Also Be Very Effective Training Tools.


Supervisors can snoop and can listen to a conversation between the agent and the customers.


The call is put into conference mode, the supervisor can talk to both the agent and the customer and try to resolve a problem.

Call Whisper

The supervisor has the ability to barge into a call and talk to the agent while the customer is on hold.


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