Deploy Automated Candidate Screening

Streamline HR and recruitment process by designing work flows to automate repetitive tasks. Our candidate screening logic allows recruiters to filter candidates based on city, experience, skill set etc without speaking to them on call. Allow recruiters who are working remotely to continue with outbound and inbound calls from their handset without revealing their contact number with call masking feature. Automatic call recording to track & optimize training and performance.

Automate Basic Process, Save Valuable Recruiter Time

Automated candidates screening without speaking to them.

Assign screened candidates automatically to recruiters based on logic.

Automated dialers help counselors dial-out their call lists 200% faster.

Faster Candidate Screening

Get faster candidate screening done with single automated interaction.

Lower Hire Costs

Recruiters can finish large set of candidates data resulting in huge savings.

Easy Follow Ups

Set follow up calls and reminders for candidates with proper tracking.

Right Tools For Perfect Conversation

Auto Dialers

Dialers help counselors dial-out their call lists 250% faster. Schedule any number of retries before declaring a lead invalid.

CRM Integration

Automate call logging, reduce average handle times, and improve first call resolutions with readymade CRM integrations.

Region-wise Local Numbers

Use local numbers to call prospects. Churn numbers if pick up rates drop. Choose from 13 region wise numbers.

Ready Integration With Popular Solutions.


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