Deliver Better Customer Experience To Buyers

Now service and assist your customers throughout their journey on your e-commerce portal. Our solutions allow you to design work flows from discovery, purchase, feedback and support in a seamless manner.

Delight Customers - Before, During, and After Purchase.






Scalable Sales, Customer Support & Engagement Platform

Streamline Communication

Track ROI on every ad campaign. Automatically route candidates to an assigned counselor. Automate outbound calling, and schedule retires.

Provide Quicker Response

Ensure that leads are contacted within 24 hours or less by setting up alerts. Track how soon lead was called, and how many retries were made. Or schedule calls in dialers.

Easily Scalable, Simple Pricing

Our call center is cloud-based. It needs no hardware or software to setup. Or pay per use solution lets you easily scale up or scale down as per seasonal demands.

Right Tools For Perfect Conversation

Self Service Options

Deliver self-service options via IVR, conversational IVR or voice bots. Integrate with SMS plugins.

Live Dashboards

Manage call queues in real-time across multiple campaigns. Prevent escalations and monitor quality with snoop, whisper, and barge in tools.

Virtual Number Masking

Mask numbers while connecting customers with third-party vendors, delivery agents or other staff.

Deep CRM Integrations

Automate call logging, reduce average handle times, and improve first call resolutions with ready-made CRM integrations.

Complete Call Center Suite

Go live with a complete call center solution. Enable auto-attendant, smart call routing, ACD, live monitoring tools, and more.

Omnichannel Support

Forward calls to counselors mobile phones or home landlines after work hours.

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