Outbound IVR To Engage Customers With New Offers and Reminders.

Automated IVR platform to run voice or missed calls campaigns with personalized voice messages for your database in just a few clicks.

Only 3 Clicks To Run Your Campaigns

Select Contacts

Upload contact list or select existing group.

Upload Content

Upload recording file or use text to speech.

Click To Start

Press start to run your campaign.

How Businesses Use Automated IVR

Design and run innovative marketing campaign for marketing or send reminder or create feedback for services, with no manual intervention.

Payment Reminders

Blast pending or upcoming loan repayment, bill payment, or subscription reminders in automated or help of excel upload.

Emergency notifications

IVR Blasts are a quick and hassle-free way to send messages during emergencies, sudden holidays, closures, or outages.

New Offers

Relay special offers to customers, along with relevant information like offer duration. Optionally, connect to a live agent if opted.

Qualifying Leads

Automated lead validation with IVR campaign for products or services. Schedule appointments or transfer to live agents.

Appointment confirmation

Now take easy automated confirmation on availability for appointments or deliveries from end user with easy DTMF inputs.


Now collect customer feedback on a product or service. Collect inputs via DTMF, call recordings, or voice input.

BrandAgent Features


Use it to survey, collect feedback, or confirm appointments. Customers can respond via DTMF or natural language recognition.


The IVR will auto-collect relevant customer data such as names, bill amounts or due dates from your CRM to personalise each call.


No audio recordings or voice-over artists required. Simply create new messages using our natural sounding text-to-speech conversion.

Simple IVR Designer

Create and design your own IVR flow with help of easy IVR designer or use single IVR with multiple outbound or missed call based campaigns.

Campaign Reports

Check campaign performance, view successful, failed and pending data on a real-time live dashboard updating every 5 seconds.

Missed Call with IVR Blast

Play promotional content for received missed call or provide information on services/updates with outbound IVR for your customers.


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